In Contention‘s Kris Tapley and Guy Lodge have posted Oscar 2012 spitball assessments. The usual-usual but intelligently composed, as usual from these two. And they offer a between-the-lines sense that two or three would-be Oscar titles might be ailing or even discounted at this point.

I don’t know who I am or who anybody else is, but somehow I’d forgotten about Ben Lewin‘s The Surrogate being re-titled Six Sessions.

Forget Kris and Guy’s acting nom maybes — too early. Woody Harrelson for Seven Psychopaths?

The funniest line is from Tapley: “The trick in an awards season these days is to keep people looking the other way, because if they see you coming, they could talk you to death. Guilty.”

Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil was going to join Sasha Stone and I for a similar rundown of possible contenders on Oscar Poker about eight days ago but he was too busy so we postponed and now Kris and Guy have stolen the thunder. This is what happens, Tom, when you say “can’t tomorrow…let’s do it later”…okay?