What a difference a little Jenny Craig makes, eh? Seriously — I respect anyone who can take it off and keep it off. Kill the pasta and the booze and the breads and the cheeses and get serious with the workouts, and the results can be amazing. I was thinking as I watched the Mad Men finale that Christina Hendricks is almost at the tipping point. No longer. Can I say “she’s never looked more tantalizing” without sounding like a sexist dog?

But performance-wise? Chops-wise? I’ve always found “Joan,” Hendrick’s Mad Men character, to be such a brittle drag. She’s always glaring, always seething, always clamped down with a stick up her butt. If I saw her coming in my direction in real life, I’d cross the street on instinct. She never warms up.

Damn those awful, stupid, ridiculously lengthy Brightcove video embed codes. Brightcove needs to be drummed out of the business.