Yesterday a team of pro-trans, anti-mainstream-liberal activists wrote a complaint letter to the N.Y. Times. The beef is that the Times has passed along alleged “dangerous inaccuracies” in its reporting about trans issues.

As I explained in an intro to Jeff and Sasha’s latest podcast, it seems strange that the N.Y. Times, which has been prioritizing progressive activism alongside boilerplate gray-lady news reporting for the last four or five years and is totally in the woke progressive camp on pretty much all fronts, is being attacked like this.

What these woke bullies seem to be saying to the Times is “don’t report fairly and dispassionately on trans issues…that’s not good enough and that’s not what we want…you need to JOIN THE TEAM!”

Here’s a letter I wrote this morning to one of the signatories:

“I’m presuming that you think there’s a difference between the trans terrorist bullies who’ve signed that letter and the Red Guard who tormented and humiliated God knows how many hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens during the Great Cultural Revolution of the mid ’60s to early ’70s.

“I’m not seeing much of a difference, but maybe you can assist.

“Everyone makes their own choices and sets upon their own path once they enter puberty, although it’s probably a good idea to allow a certain degree of emotional maturity to settle in before moving on to mutilating surgeries.

“However, when it comes to minors (pre-puberty), the application of puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy and gender⁠-⁠affirming surgeries — which the fanatics claim have been “standard forms of care for cis and trans people alike for decades” — is, in the view of myself and many others, nothing short of grotesque and fiendish.

“Like, I’m guessing, 95% of the signatories, you’re probably just going along to get along. Like 95% of China’s youthful Red Guard a half-century ago. Like 95% of the people who went along with harsh punitive measures during the anti-Communist scare of the ’50s. All I can say is, the day when the crazies realize they’ve overplayed their hand and are forced to run for cover in order to protect their careers…that day can’t come soon enough for me. I relish the thought. I’m half tumescent about it.

“Oh, and all hail Pamela Paul!”

Signatory response: “I back every fucking word that the letter says. You know nothing of the transgender people you think you’re being oppressed by. It’s sickening.

“I know you’re in some kind of whacked-out panic over the possibility that your granddaughter may want to grow a beard and drive a truck when she reaches her tween years but that’s not my problem.”

HE to signatory: “You don’t even address the Red Guard analogy…hah. 1/2 of 1% of the U.S. population is presumed to be trans (quite the constituency!), and they’re shaking the place down like they’re the mafia. Surely you understand that the vast (and I mean VAST) majority of Americans are appalled by this stridency. They can’t leave well enough alone and just live their lives as best they can. They have to start shit. You actually think that prepuberty blockers and surgeries are cool, huh?”

Signatory back to HE: “I don’t have a unified field theory on surgery or hormones.

“But then you say, ‘quite the constituency.’ There aren’t that many of them out there, so they couldn’t possibly matter, but you’re annoyed by their tone. Got it.

“’Just shut up and live your life.’ Tell that to Brianna Ghey. Oh no, you can’t, she’s dead. Tell that to Venus Xtravaganza. Oh no, you can’t, she’s dead too. Tell that to every trans person murdered while trying to ‘live their lives’ and tell me how much more tumescent it’s gonna get you when the ones who are alive are beaten back into the shadows.

“And tell me how many normal people like you have been killed by trans people. I mean, statistically there’s GOT to be a few at least non-binary murderers out there.

“And as usual your choice of imaginary comrades is rich. The Times got the open letter, their spokesperson said ‘Drop Dead,’ and Pamela Paul doubled down with a column ridden with factual errors and garbled thinking.”