In June 2011 I was sent a copy of Diablo Cody‘s Lamb of God, which eventually became the now-completed film called Paradise (out 8.9 via Direct TV, theatrically on 10.18). “That Michael Fleming logline about the main character, who’s literally named Lamb, being a Christian who turns to stripping is incorrect,” I wrote. “It is, however, a moral tale about a Christian girl among the hapless heathens. The Vegas strip but no stripping, Cheetah Club, cash gifts, a dead fiance, a skin graft, Vicodins, etc. A well-written, sometimes sassy but more often plain-spoken drama about sins, values, generosity, growth.”

On 9.6.11 I wrote that “between her scripts for Jason Reitman‘s Young Adult and the yet-to-be-shot Lamb of God, Diablo Cody has, it seems to me, created a pair of headstrong, somewhat startling post-millennial female characters (i.e., 20- and 30-somethings) whom you haven’t quite known or perhaps even met before. At least someone is coming up with new lassie permutations.”