A vested but very sharp publicist friend who saw Wolf of Wall Street yesterday is wondering also if Leonardo DiCaprio‘s wild-ass performance as Jordan Belfort will necessarily result in a Best Actor Oscar nomination. “For me the movie is off the rails, in a good way — I dug it — but it may be too nuts/druggie for the Academy,” he writes. “And DiCaprio’s performance lacks any type of shading or nuance or subtlety or emotional range — it’s pretty much all gonzo, all the time, and the character is an unredeemable prick. Fun to watch but it may be a challenge for the oldies and women. I think it’s a well-constructed three hours, and Jonah Hill is amazing. The SAG Film Society audience at DGA laughed throughout but applause at end was tepid, even when Dicaprio’s name came up. I know that goes counter to what was reported from the SAG screenings that happened last weekend. I’m also hearing the HFPA was very negative on Wolf — many found it offensive, which means absolutely nothing as they like to have Leo and Scorsese in the room.”