Craig William Macneill’s Lizzie (Saban/Roadside, 9.14) “features two protagonists, the title character (Chloe Sevigny), daughter of Fall River, Massachusetts’s wealthiest family, and the Irish maid, Bridget Sullivan (Kristen Stewart), the only person known to be at home (besides the victims) at the time of the August 1892 murders.

“Bridget was always a key figure in the Borden saga. She almost certainly lied about Lizzie’s comings and goings, and her hasty departure for points unknown (possibly Ireland) the day after the murders was odd, to say the least. (There was no indication that she was about to lose her cleaning job –— I can think of at least two rooms in the house that needed a good scrubbing.) But Lizzie puts Bridget at the center of the action, where an ax-blow to the head signals a blow against sexual assault and patriarchal oppression.” — from David Edelstein’s Vulture review, posted on 1.22.18.

“I spent most of the running time waiting for Lizzie to grab the hatchet and wrap things up already.” — from Sara Stewart‘s N.Y. Post review, posed on 1.30.18.

Pic has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 70%…not too bad, has some merit, etc.