The New York premiere for 50/50 happened tonight at the Ziegfeld, and the after-party uncorked at the Four Seasons. Great party, superb food, nice hosts…but I was in a funny place in my head for some reason and left after an hour. HE mood pockets just “happen” sometimes, and there’s no stopping them when they decide to creep in and take over. For those who might’ve missed it, here’s my 50/50 review, posted on 9.11.

50/50 stars Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt at tonight’s post-premiere party at the Four Seasons on East 52nd. Rogen’s movies don’t convey the fact that he’s fairly tall — tall and broad-sbouldered and no beanpole. If I was in a street fight, I could do worse than to have Rogen on my side.

50/50 costar Anna Kendrick, Hollywood Reporter columnist Scott Feinberg.