“Despite allusions to The Twilight Zone and constantly cutting back to a faux tube TV perspective, Andrew Patterson‘s The Vast of Night never quite reaches that level of shock value or philosophical preponderance that made The Twilight Zone what it was.

“The climax is beautiful, to be sure, and the effects work is excellent given the low budget, but it doesn’t have much more meaning than is presented on its face, and the resulting feeling is one of hollowness in the face of the potential for so much more.

“Still, if one is looking for a mood of existential dread and bragging rights for seeing some of the industry’s next great talents’ early work, The Vast of Night certainly delivers on that front.” — from a 1.26.19 review by Leigh Monson on birthmoviesdeath.

Hollywood Elsewhere apologizes for having not yet watched The Vast of Night via streaming link. I plan to do so soon. Certainly by Tuesday or Wednesday.