Following yesterday afternoon’s Slamdance screening of Steven Soderbergh‘s High Flying Bird, I walked outside to find Soderbergh chatting with fans. I strolled over to tell the 56-year-old powerhouse auteur that I was an admirer of his basketball film and that I regard it as much his own story as that of Andre Holland‘s Ray character. (Here’s my review.)

As I walked up Soderbergh, who knows me from way back and apparently reads Hollywood Elsewhere from time to time, started things off with a mock greeting:

Soderbergh: “So, the pariah!”
HE: “No, no, things are cool. I’m getting into films. No issues.”
Soderbergh: “With Slamdance, you mean.”
HE: “No, Sundance. Publicist friends are taking care of me. I’m seeing what I want to see.”
Soderbergh: “Okay.”

High Flying Bird director Steven Soderbergh, Slamdance co-founder Peter Baxter prior to Sunday afternoon’s screening.