Far Alamo is another meticulous mash-up from Fabrice Mathieu, the director-writer who made Darth by Darthwest and Master of Suspense a couple of years ago. HE to John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, Richard Widmark, Eli Wallach and the rest of them: who cares if the giant alien bugs occupy an outpost in the middle of nowhere? Run for the hills — it’s your only chance.

Mathieu to HE: “It was more difficult to do but, as you can see at the end, it’s not really finished…a second wave of tankers (big bugs) will arrive!”

What’s going on with MGM’s longstanding lack of interest in restoring Wayne’s 70mm The Alamo? The latest news, I’ve been told, is that they’re still not interested. I thought that after the departure of the appalling Gary Barber that things might loosen up, but nope. A source confides that MGM is still refusing to consider pooling forces with an outside party (like, say, Kino Lorber or Criterion or Martin Scorsese‘s The Film Foundation) because they feel this would make them look like a insubstantial outfit that needs “crowd-funding” (their alleged term) to restore one of their titles. MGM to world: Let The Alamo die!