Last night I visited the Aero, Hollywood Elsewhere’s favorite one-screen theatre in the western hemisphere, for a 70mm presentation of Alfonso Cuaron‘s Roma. I love the film but transferring digitally-shot images to celluloid delivered nothing that struck me as wowser or extra-distinctive. It looked perfectly fine (clean, sharp, silvery), but my eyes never popped out of their sockets. It actually looked a little better when I watched it a week or two ago via Netflix streaming, specifically on my Sony 4K HDR 65-inch monitor.

Genial, silver-haired Alfonso dropped by for a quick q & a after it ended. Standing ovation, waves of love and worship, Alfonso offering the prayer gesture, etc. I didn’t have the nerve to ask about whether the dogshit in the driveway was intended to serve as some kind of metaphor of some kind or if Alfonso simply remembered it that way.