On Tuesday, 6.4, a Bluray of a director’s cut of Peter Bogdanovich‘s At Long Last Love (’75) will be released. From the Wiki page: “The film opened in March 1975 to scathing reviews and poor box office returns, prompting Bogdanovich to have an open letter of apology printed in newspapers throughout the U.S. Bogdanovich has since stated he regretted that ALLL was hastily cut prior to theatrical release based on reactions to studio previews.

“PB subsequently recut the film himself for cable TV, and has stated many people who first saw it in this version did not react so badly [as others did] to the [theatrically released version].

“It came to light in 2012 that a studio employee had secretly kept a more complete version of the film in the vaults for many years, and when Netflix decided to make it available to stream, this is the version that was shown. This version came to the director’s attention as a result of Netflix streaming and running on Fox Movie Channel, and, with Bogdanovich’s cooperation, [it was] decided to release At Long Last Love (with some added refinements from the director) on disc in 2013.”

HighDefDiscNews reports that “tech specs for the release include full 1080p Hihgh-def video in the 1.66:1 aspect ratio and DTS-HD 1.0 Mono Master Audio sound.” 1.66…yes! Here’s the URL: http://www.highdefdiscnews.com/1975-film-at-long-last-love-with-burt-reynolds-comes-to-blu-ray-june/