Vanity Fair has essentially become a well-written women’s magazine. Okay, for women, gays, metrosexuals and frillies. And, I regret to say, for people like me. I can’t fully let it go, but on the other hand a magazine that seems to be about fashion, style and attitude first and then whatever else fits, is anathema to me. So I’ve been making an effort over the last year or so to wean myself off it, but…but! I sometimes find it hard to resist the covers. This month I’m going to experiment by not buying the Amy Schumer issue and see how it goes. It wasn’t Schumer but the appearance of another Jackie Kennedy article that tore it. Okay, I’ll be flying between now and June 1st so maybe not, but next month for sure.

Posted on 10.8.15: “I’ve been buying Vanity Fair for 30 years now. I can’t precisely pinpoint when I stopped reading it, but sometime within the last couple of years. The articles have begun to seem a little less substantial with more of an emphasis on girly, frothy, fashiony stuff. Or people I can’t stand to look at. I know that I hate the all-fashion issue. Anything that tries celebrate or instill a fascination with wealth and fashion and loaded people who are spending their money on increasingly peculiar or arcane things gets a down vote.”