I’ve always regarded indie-realm publicist Mickey Cottrell as a crafty and diligent hombre who knows the right people, always manages to push the right buttons, has excellent taste as far as the films and filmmakers he represents, and is a mensch on top of all that. And he’s a fairly decent actor besides.

Mickey Cottrell

In any event poor Mickey has been hit with a debilitating stroke, and I’m told his insurance won’t quite cover the 24-hour care that he’ll be needing. On top of which he also needs help with living expenses as he won’t be able to earn while he’s recovering. Cottrell’s friends have set up a compassionate GoFundMe campaign, and are asking all who know and love the guy (he’s been around forever) to throw in whatever they can afford.

The last time I threw in dough for a colleague was when journalist-critic Ed Douglas was having difficulty two or three years ago. Tough times happen to the best of us. Good friends and fellows rally round on such occasions.

Cottrell has done p.r. campaigns for Andrei Tarkovsky’s Stalker, Wim Wenders’s Wings of Desire, Gus Van Sant’s My Own Private Idaho, David Gordon Green‘s George Washington, Bernard Rose’s Ivansxtc and Phillip Noyce‘s Salt. He’s also repped Tarnation, Funny Ha Ha, Ballets Russes, Edmond, Body of War, Chris & Don: A Love Story, Scott Walker: 30 Century Man, Easier With Practice, Bill Cunningham New York, Weekend, Keep the Lights On, The Girls in the Band, I Am Divine and The Galapagos Affair.

Again, the Go Fund Me link.