… for tomorrow it all begins. At precisely 10 am, that is, with Woody Allen‘s Cafe Society. La Pizza was loud and packed. The mood leaned toward euphoric. Formidable gathering of journalistic reach and power sitting at just two makeshift banquet tables. Hail fellows well met. The total tab was 670 euros, or roughly $32 euros per person. “Who didn’t throw in?” It began to rain starting around 9:15 pm or so. Weather projections are shifting by the hour, but precipitation-wise things are expected to be moody or spotty over the next four or five days.

(clockwise) National Post‘s Chris Knight, Deadline‘s Pete Hammond, Village Voice critic Amy Nicholson, Time‘s Stephanie Zacaharek, Talk Cinema‘s Harlan Jacobson (all but obscured by shadows, not my fault), Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy, Toronto Star‘s Peter Howell, Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Eugene Hernandez, MacLean‘s Brian Johnson (red sweater).

Indiewire film editor Eric Kohn, senior Indiewire editor/columnist Anne Thompson.

Snapped by Svetlana Cvetko.

(clockwise) The Guardian‘s Nigel M. Smith, Vulture‘s Kyle Buchanan, New York‘s Jada Yuan, Voxdotcom’s Gregory Ellwood (green T-shirt), unknown (apologies), Cinetic’s Ryan Werner.

(l. to r.) Editor/producer David Scott Smith, dp Svetlana Cvetko (Red Army, Inside Job), friendly but unnamed p.r. associate of Ryan Werner, amiable guy known not to me by sight but quite possibly via Twitter or byline.

(l to. r.) Cvetko, Werner p.r. associate, L.A. Times critic Justin Chang, amiable guy.