A brilliant move on the part of the ad guys who put together the new Casino Royale trailer: they start it off in black and white, thus signifying this 007 flick won’t be following the usual pattern. And yet the snippets of high-octane action and sex scenes that follow suggest that it will be, more or less, the same old thing…so who knows? Daniel Craig‘s James Bond, described by Judi Dench in the trailer a “a blunt instrument,” seems like the most Sean Connery -like of all the Bonds because he has within him (and particularly in his boxer’s face and buff physique) shades of the primitive brute. At the same time I think we all recognize that Jason Bourne has overtaken James Bond as the definitive espionage-action figure of our time. Matt Damon‘s Bourne is cybered and fibered into the here-and-now; 007 has always been (and always will be) a throwback to the martini-sipping sexual ethos of the early to mid ’60s.