I’ve called around for some backstory on why Warner Independent chief Mark Gill has been relieved of his duties….zip. All we know for sure is that March of the Penguins weren’t enough to make things right. David Poland says that WIP’s business model amounts to “fiscal folly.” Variety says it’s because Gill’s style “was said to clash with that of Warner production prexy Jeff Robinov, [who] said in a statement that Gill “has done a very good job of establishing Warner Independent.” The inference (it’s always what’s left unsaid that tells the true tale) seems to be that Robinov doesn’t think Gill has done a good job of maintaining or growing the division. Anyway, it’s too bad. I mean, it’s always a bit of a bummer when relationship don’t work out. Variety says Warner Bros. exec up of production Polly Cohen is in talks to fill Gill’s shoes. I mean, in a manner of speaking.