(a) Catherine Deneuve adorning the west-facing side of Cannes’ City Hall, a.k.a., the Hotel de Ville — Thursday, 5.18.06, 7:55 am; (b) Area about two blocks from Grand Palais in the early morning — Thursday, 5.18, 8:05 pm; (c) the “Old Town” section of Cannes, otherwise known as “le Suquet” — Wednesday, 5.18.06, 7:45 am; (d) Grand Palais just prior to this morning’s screening of Ken Loach’s The Wind That Shakes the Barley — Thursday, 5.18, 8:10 am; (e) the red-carpet entrance to the Grand Palais — Thursday, 5.18, 8:13 am; taken inside the great DaVinci Code pyramid toward the end of last night’s (5.17) opening night party — look closely and you’ll see five or six guys hanging on metal beams near the top; they all jumped off and swung around on bungee cords