A first-rate and very correctly-reasoned piece by the Toronto Star‘s Peter Howell about the pitfalls of thoughtless rethinks and after- thoughts by way of digital manipulations — i.e., George Lucas deciding to have Greedo shoot first and Steven Spielberg putting walkie-talkies in the hands of the cops at the end of E.T. instead of rifles. I agree with Howell that digital re-do’s are fine as long as you don’t mess with the original, or, as Lucas did for way too many years, make it unavailable. The most interesting quote in the piece belongs to Harrison Ford , who told Howell when he brought up the Greedo-shoots-first issue that “you’re probably the only guy who cares about this.” That was Ford putting his cards on the table and saying in so many words, “I am out of it…I live in my own world…I don’t know anything.”