(a) Jeff Skoll, founder and CEO of Participant Productions, and PP president Ricky Strauss to the right (i.e., viewer’s left) of Inconvenient Truth-teller Al Gore, with producer Lawrence Bender to his immediate left and Paramount Vantage honcho John Lesher next to Bender, all gathered at a beach party that kicked off early this evening in Cannes to celebrate the launch of Paramount Vantage — Friday, 5.19.06, 6:40 pm; (b) If I were this car, my feelings would be hurt and I would probably have a case of very low self-esteem despite the likelihood of my movie earning about $70 million this weekend and $200 million worldwide — Friday, 5.19, 8:25 pm; (c) Paramount Pictures chairman Brad Grey at today’s Paramount Vantage party — Friday, 5.19.06, 7:10 pm; (d) Waiting in line in front of the Salle Debussy — Thursday, 5.18.06, 7:50 pm; (e) Dreamgirls star Beyonce Knowles flanked by fans, bodyguards and DreamWorks publicist Mitch Kreindel following screening of Dreamgirls footage plus a live pep talk by director Bill Condon, producer Larry Mark and cast at Hotel Martinez — Thursday, 5.19.06, 9:50 pm; (f) professional facing some kind of difficult work load in Orange Cafe inside le Grand Palais — Friday, 5.19.06, 5:10 pm; (g) On the Croisette, two blocks west of the Carlton during an aimless wander — Thursday, 5.19.06, 5:10 pm