A journalist doing a story about the possible fading of IMAX says he’s spoken with solid tech-industry sources (Dolby, Tehnicolor, IT Access, In Three, etc.) and they all seem to believe that the rollout of digital and 3-D digital projection in the big theatre chains is imminent. So do I think that this digital rollout will render IMAX obsolete? I replied, “Not to get all primitive on you, but there’s something extremely cool and oh-wow about watching a movie on that huge friggin’ screen. Digital and 3-D digital in regular theatres sounds fantastic and bring it on, but typical theatre screens are…what?…10 or 12 feet tall? The IMAX screen is 40 or 50 feet tall, and that’s big. It’s been years since I was 12 years old, but I’m telling you (and I can’t emphasize this strongly enough) that simple grandeur matters.”