2016 will be remembered for a lot of shitty things, and one of them is how the Twitter harridans trashed the reputations of Bernardo Bertolucci and Marlon Brando, basically for misunderstood, bullshit-level reasons. All Brando and Bertolucci did, really, was fail to confer in advance with Maria Schneider on the day they shot the Last Tango in Paris butter scene. Inconsiderate and sexist? Sure, okay, but far from heinous and totally divorced from any concept of assault, which is what Jessica Chastain and others tweeted about in the early stages. Bertolucci called the hoo-hah a “ridiculous misunderstanding.”

Two or three years ago I started to get the idea that distributors would be sending out 1080p Bluray screeners instead DVD screeners to Academy and guild members + BFCA members and elite press. But the only instance of this happening was/is with La La Land. Some Academy/guild members have received Bluray discs while others been sent DVDs. Does anyone know of any other instances of Blurays being sent to the usual suspects?

The National Enquirer‘s hiring of Dick Morris last June ensures that the supermarket tabloid will continue to kowtow to the secular-reality-processing inclinations of hinterland morons, as it always has. The Ford thing (manufacturing of Lincoln SUVs) is real to some extent, but the Carrier thing was deceptive, way over-inflated.

This afternoon Jane Fonda is leading a rally and protest march against Wells Fargo bank, which has been one of the banks funding the Dakota Access Pipeline. The idea is to try to pressure all the banks that have lending funds to help the pipeline project.