James Caan‘s facial expression between the 17- and 21-second mark tells you a lot about who John Wayne was. “Gimme that look you give me,” etc. Twelve-year-old kids, seeing who could screw up who, etc.

I tried to watch El Dorado once and I couldn’t stay with it. Feels lazy, phony. Everyone looks and behaves like actors saying lines, and all the supporting players and extras are dressed like they just came out of Nudie’s. Hawks phoned this one in. One of two remakes of his own Rio Bravo, the other being Rio Lobo. I respect Rio Bravo but have never believed it. No one ever has. Jean-Luc Godard gave carte blanche praise to Rio Bravo way back when, and he’s never answered for that. I’m more of a High Noon type of guy.