Rosebud-the-sled just wrote that with The Hottie and the Nottie, “the French now have another reason to hate us.” I’ve said over and over for years that movies like this are a major symbolic reason why Islamic fundamentalists despise Western culture and materialist values, and not without justification.
I have an idea that addresses this. In the same way that primitive South Sea cultures have been known to sacrifice a young girl to the Gods by throwing her into a volcano, we give Paris Hilton to Al Qeada. We deliver her, sedated, bound and blindfolded, to a location of their choosing and let them do whatever they want to her. It would be our way of saying, “As far as Paris Hilton is concerned, we get where you’re coming from. In fact, we sort of agree with you.”
It sounds horrific on one level, but a gesture like this could be a significant step in defusing tensions between our cultures. One life in exchange for the beginnings of rapprochement and a turning of the page.