A sublime little Italian place on rue Lepic, mainly frequented by the Montmartre locals and almost directly across from the apartment building where Vincent Van Gogh lived with his brother Theo (54 rue Lepic) from 1886 to 1887 — 5.29.06, 5:55 pm.

And (a) there aren’t enough blue doors on the front of apartment buildings in the U.S. — Monday, 5.29.06, 4:45 pm; (b) rue Lepic facing west in the late evening — Monday, 5.29.06, 11:25 pm; (c) menu at another Italian place in Montmartre — Monday, 5.30.06, 5:45 pm; (d) remnant of Monday evening’s dinner at an African place — Monday, 5.29.06, 10:45 pm; (e) Amelie cafe on rue Lepic, south of rue d’Abesses; (f) electricite — Tuesday, 5.30.06, 5:50 pm; (g) Corner of rue Damremont and rue Tourlaque, facing north — Tuesday, 5.30.06, 6:05 pm.