A whole lotta noteworthy critics have submitted their Top Ten films of ’05 lists to Movie City News, and Capote is third-ranked with 242 points, only 8 and 1/2 points behind the second-ranked A History of Violence with 255.5 points. (Top-ranked Brokeback Mountain is way in front with 299.5 points.) Good Night, and Good Luck (212 points) and King Kong (191.5 points) are fourth and fifth-ranked. But if you look at Rotten Tomatoes, which posts another critical ranking system, Capote has the 2nd highest general rating among these five (92%) and the only unani- mous creme de la creme rating (100%) for a tally of 192. The other four’s RT ratings, highest to lowest: Good Night (95% general, creme 95% = 190), Violence (86% general, 94% creme = 180), Brokeback (90% general, 90% creme = 180), and Kong (83% general, 76% creme = 159). What does this mean? Nothing much…who cares what the critics think?…but maybe (and I think the conclusion is obvious) Academy members should guard against considering Capote in a casual light.