Can we talk? Munich‘s 532-theatre release starting last Friday (12.23) resulted in $5.7 million and a $7,706 average….not fantastic but not bad. But this doesn’t portend an ecstatic reception when it plays Boobville in the hinterlands. This Steven Spielberg thriller has been booked into urban uptown theatres where it was expected to do very well…and it didn’t. It played pretty well, and if they couldn’t do seriously vigorous business in these theatres, it’s going to start slowing down and then bombing out when it plays the rube territories. Some of you are thinking I’m so anti-Munich I can’t see or think straight, but ask any hard- nosed analyst and they’ll tell you the same thing. Pretty good numbers in uptown theatres for this movie means not-as-good numbers once it goes wide and then it’s all downhill and into the crapper. Especially given how Munich plays (i.e., repetitively) and especially how it makes you feel when the closing credits come up (emptied out, dispirited), so it’s basically over.