Last August I suggested a Bluray of Alan Parker‘s Evita to honor its 15th anniversary. Today Disney Home Video announced plans to release an Evita Bluray in June. I guess that’ll do. Other 2012 Disney Blurays include Dead Poets Society, The Color of Money, The Horse Whisperer, Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity, Ed Wood and Dick Tracy. The rest you can have.

I put it thusly: “I was half-watching a DVD last week of Alan Parker’s Evita (1996), and it looks like hell on a 50-inch screen. For its upcoming 15th anniversary, Hollywood’s best all-singing musical opera (yes, better than Sweeney Todd) needs to be Bluray-ed. For me Darius Khondji‘s widescreen cinematography is compositional heaven — each and every frame has an exquisite painterly balance, and is lighted to perfection. And Gerry Hambling‘s lively cutting is a perfect compliment to the musical rhythms and rhymes.”