My idea of a cool Abraham Lincoln vampire movie would be one that resembles Phillip BorsosThe Grey Fox — a movie that looks, feels and behaves like it’s actually happening in the 19th Century — but with 19th Century vampires (i.e., ones that are trying to blend into society by concealing their nature whenever possible) running around. You need to respect the milieu and time period, and then weave in your bullshit. You’re a filmmaker with a time machine, and you’ve just landed in 1864 Washington…got it?

This trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (20th Century Fox, 6.22) tells us that director-producer Timur Bekmambetov isn’t much for authenticity. It tells us, as anyone who’s seen Wanted would know, that he’s an unbridled, wild-eyed, froth-at-the-mouth wildebeest who doesn’t give a shit about anything except roping in the idiots who pay to see cool CG monster shit.