I wasn’t sure about who was in the cast of Scott Frank‘s The Lookout when I first saw it early last year, so when the cute redhead showed up I was initially persuaded I was watching Amy Adams. It was actually Isla Fisher, whom I’d first noticed in ’05’s The Wedding Crashers.

Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, etc.

I’m not trying to make a big deal out of this, but they’re both redheads, they both project that bubbly-chirpy thing, they’re roughly the same age (Adams was born in ’74, Fisher in ’76), the same size (Fisher is 5′ 3″, Adams is 5′ 5″) and they definitely resemble each other. And they were both born overseas (Adams in Italy, Fisher in Muscat, Oman). That’s all, nothing more, just saying.
Fisher hasn’t lucked out with a big breakout role like Adams did with Enchanted but she’s (apparently) the female lead in Definitely, Maybe and she’s engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen. (Their daughter, Olive, was born last October.)