I’ve been wanting to feast my eyes on a high-def version of Robert ZemeckisUsed Cars (’80) for a long while, but the last time I checked (i.e., about 18 months ago) the only option was a Twilight Time Bluray on Screen Archives for $29.95. And that price was too fuckin’ high! But now you can buy a high-def version on Amazon for only $12 or rent it for only $4. That works.

“Easily one of the funniest and most pungent social farces ever cranked out by semi-mainstream Hollywood. Written and created in the tradition of the great Preston Sturges. Zemeckis in his early glory. World-class performances by Kurt Russell, Jack Warden, Frank McRae (i.e., the Inflation Monster in the clip below) and the legendary Gerritt Graham.” — posted in April 2014.

Used Cars is a lot of things — sloppy, juvenile, cynical — but Zemeckis and Bob Gale absolutely refuse to soften or second guess the insidiously wicked spirit of the idea originated by John Milius. While the movie is hilarious, its running theme of the American dream as a con job is what endears it on repeated viewings.” — posted in January 2008 by This Distracted Globe.

“Loud, vulgar, and unrepentantly raunchy, Used Cars occasionally careens into the strident mugging and lowbrow gratuity made popular by Animal House two years earlier. But taken as a rancid, festering slice of Americana, it seems more potent than ever.” — Scott Tobias, The Onion A.V. Club.