The first trailer for Glenn Ficarra and John Requa‘s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Paramount, 3.4) filled me with dread. It told me that while the film is based on Kim Barker‘s “The Taliban Shuffle,” the intent was to make a Tina Fey movie, and that the themes were therefore as follows: (a) “Quippy Tina needs to be quippy Tina, so wherever she goes her 30 Rock sensibility will always be intact and never modified”, (b) “You’re more attractive in Afghanistan than you are in the States so enjoy the man-meat, girl,” (c) “Girls need to be girls, which means when they need to pee armed soldiers will form a perimeter to make sure the peeing girl is safe,” etc. In other words this is not a Tina-goes-to-Afghanistan movie as much as an Afghanistan-adapts-to-Tina’s-visit film. The second trailer [below] is still on the low and coarse side, but Tina’s character seems a bit less self-absorbed. The initial trailer is after the jump.