A teaser for Harmony Korine‘s Aggro Dr1ft, some kind of weird, arty-assed action film with an infra-red design scheme, was shown at the Locarno Film Festival on Friday evening (8.11).

Pic will debut at the Venice Film Festival three weeks hence.

Let’s break that title down. Aggro seems akin to agronomy or agribusiness…something in that realm. Or maybe it’s some guy’s first name (“yo, Aggro!”). Dr1ft alludes to fatigue, aimlessness, psychological meandering. Or it may be Aggro’s last name.

Any way you slice it Aggro Dr1ft is a hugely defiant “fuck you” to sandal-wearing megaplexers. It says “Harmony Korine fans only, and even some of them might feel left out.”

Korine: “I am excited. I have never made anything like it. I was trying not to make a movie. I don’t know if it will be a scandal, but it will be its own statement.”

Aggro Dr1ft costars 50ish Spanish actor Jordi Molla and rapper/non-actor Travis Scott (aka Kylie Jenner‘s partner and co-parent of two kids).