“…and the rest is up to you.”

All hail the basic, child-friendly educational values advocated by pastor and community activist AD Lenoir, and a hat tip to his soft-spoken cool and clarity of mind. The man is a quiet star.

If you’re talking about nattily-dressed, conservative-minded gentlemen of color with a compelling message, the Ft. Lauderdale-based Lenoir leaves Senator Tim Scott in the dust. He has that smoothly assured Obama thing (including the musical speech rhythms of an inspirational orator) down pat. Scott, who exudes the average charm of a high-school swimming instructor or a grocery-store manager, has nothing.

Lenoir: “When I’m in an accident, I don’t want the police officer to come over and say ‘hi, I’m a police officer and this is my gender.”

If Lenoir was running for president in the Republican primary right now, he would be THE FAMILY VALUES GUY…I’m telling you. He’s got it.