I’m trying to unload my whole TV, streaming and Bluray set-up — a 65″ 4K UHD Sony TV with internal side speakers (SONY XBR-65X930C — 6 years old but in excellent shape) + Sony 4K Bluray player (18 months old) + Oppo Bluray set for Region 2 Blurays + Marantz AVR (audio-visual receiver) + Sony wireless earphones + external bass woofer speaker + wooden stand-console that holds all these devices as a single unit…the whole kit & kaboodle for only $1200.

And nobody wants it. Because nobody wants a 2016 TV, and nobody cares about Region 1 and 2 Bluray players, much less a Marantz AVR. The wireless headphone set-up might be of faint interest, but I’m insisting on selling everything as a big bundle. I would probably have trouble selling the TV if it was three or four years old. Everyone wants something brand-spanking new, of course.

It’s a first-rate living room set-up, but I guess it stays here.