The 53-seat Charles Aidikoff screening room, located at 150 So. Rodeo Drive for the last 33 years, shut its doors today and may not open again until February 2016. This is according to an associate of founder Charles Aidikoff, who celebrated his 100th birthday on 2.22.15. The history of the business isn’t vague but the reasons for what went wrong sure are. Charlie began the business in 1966 with the original screening room at Sunset and Doheny, and then moved the operation to the current location in ’92. But then he lost control of the business four or five years ago due to the recession. So he sold or split control of the operation with six partners, and then disagreements between said partners somehow manifested and then worsened, and then finally a court order arrived today instructing the business to be dissolved. Whatever the issues it makes no sense whatsoever to shut down an in-demand Beverly Hills screening room between now and February (award season kicks off just after Labor Day and things always get really busy in November, December, January and February) but that’s the shot. I’m sure there’s more to the story but that’s all I got over the course of a four-minute phone call, two minutes of which I spent on hold.