“With just three weeks before filming of [Children of Men‘s] four-day sequence was to start, Emmanuel Lubezki called Doggicam SystemsGary Thieltges, a Los Angeles-based camera-rig guru.

“They removed the car roof and installed a rail system that allowed the camera to operate on a two-axis grid, controlled by a joystick. Lubezki, his focus puller and a dolly grip sat above the actors in an enclosed translu- cent loft. The car seats were modified so the actors could use levers to tilt and lower themselves out of the camera’s path as it zoomed in and out.
“The result is a remarkably intense chase scene in which the claustrophobic fear of the passengers in the car is palpable.” — from Sheigh Crabtree‘s 12.29 L.A. Times piece about the shooting of the already-legendary car-attack scene.