David Poland indulged in some attractively debonair potty-mouth name-calling in his Hot Blog coverage of George Hickenlooper‘s angry HE post earlier today about JWEgo’s postings about Hickenlooper, etc. He referred to my column as “Hollywood El-Swear” and equated my output with internet pornography — what a pissy, pathetic little bitch Poland can be at times. He also referred to me as George Hickenlooper’s “buttboy.” That’s a really sophisticated way of saying I like George because I’ve liked several of his films, etc. David has, of course, never had any friendly relationships with any filmmakers whose work he’s written about with a kind, admiring, even-toned or gently circumspect brush. That’s because David is a special guy. Better than me, better than Patrick Goldstein, better than Tom O’Neil…more perceptive, ballsier…a principled prince among men.