An article about the crappy light levels in 2D movies projected at AMC, National Amusements and Regal cinemas has been posted by the Boston Globe‘s Ty Burr. It’s appalling, of course, and yet comforting that Burr came to the same conclusions that I posted on 9.21.10.

The problem is basically due to 2D movies being projected through Sony-manufactured 4K digital projectors, which have a polarizer that cuts down light levels by 50%, Burr reports, and more specifically, as I noted, by a decision by AMC not to swap out 3D lenses when showing 2D movies because it costs too much.

My article focused on AMC theatres while Burr’s indictment covers all three chains, but same difference.

“This [tendency] fortifies AMC’s reputation as an exhibitor chain renowned for substandard projection,” i wrote. A projection consultant told me that AMC “has been dumbing down their projection booths since the word ‘go.'” This, he said, is why the AMC acronym is known as standing for “Amateur Movie Company” or — this was my favorite — “All Movies Compromised.”