As we all know, many people out there like to vote for people they think are likely to win. The dumbshits, I mean. They believe that voting for a winner will upgrade their stock or something. Forget principle, voting for someone they believe in…they just want to be “on” the winning side. This is why Trump is really dead now, because the “possible loser by a landslide” thing has totally spread its seed and begun to sink into public consciousness. Even the slowest, dumbest people out there are starting to sense this.

“I was visited by The Power and The Glory / I was visited by a majestic hymn / Great bolts of lightning lighting up the sky / Electricity flowing through my veins / I was captured by a larger moment / I was seized by divinity’s hot breath / Gorged like a lion on experience / Powerful from life.

“I wanted all of it, all of it / Not just some of it / But all of it.” — Lou Reed, “Power And Glory (The Situation)