As I intend to see the longer, more explicit 2 and 1/2 hour version of Lars Von Trier‘s Nymphomaniac, Part 1 at next month’s Berlin Film Festival, I have no regrets about missing last night’s Sundance sneak of Nymphomaniac Part 1, which ran something like two hours plus. “So to recap, Stacy Martin has lots of sex while Charlotte Gainsbourg tells a story and Stellan Skarsgard lectures us about science, which in one sense would be short-shrifting the film and in another describes pretty much all you need to know,” reports L.A. Times guy Steven Zeitchik. “There are no shortage of story lines outside the movie. Is the graphic aspect a help or a hindrance at the box office? Will Von Trier’s infamous Cannes appearance a few years ago in, which he thought it funny to call himself a Nazi, work against him? And will the star attachments break the film out of the art house or just fill up some entertainment news magazine air-time with breathlessness about stars baring it all?”