After all these months of dismissing Typewriter Joe Biden, I’m now in the double-back position of wanting him to prevail against Bernie the Destroyer.

I know Bernie has the nomination all but locked up, but even with the coronavirus + recession advantage, Bernie will still scare the shit out of right-leaning voters and thereby excite their turnout on 11.3. Biden won’t scare them so much; ditto Buttigieg. That’s an extremely critical factor.

Not that it stands a chance of becoming a determining or decisive factor. Not unless the COV-19 outbreak becomes so bad and the economy goes into such a terrible tailspin that Trump’s wounds prove insurmountable…unless that comes to pass we’ll be stuck with The Beast until January 2025. And that’s pretty close to death.

The heart portion of this CNN town meeting video begins at 6:00. HE readers will note that Chris Cuomo is wearing whitesides.