With one fell swoop, Disney and Peter Jackson have all but destroyed serious Beatle fan interest in Peter Jackson‘s endlessly delayed The Beatles: Get Back doc…they’ve blown the allure to smithereens by expanding it (i.e., watering it down) into a six-hour thing on Disney +.

The obvious strategy should have been to release the originally planned two-hour feature version in theatres — people would’ve loved to see this communally with popcorn! En masse! — and then follow this up a month or two later with a three-part, six-hour version (three docs lasting two hours each) on Disney +. But nooooo…

The Beatles: Get Back was originally slated to open theatrically on 9.4.20 in the U.S. and Canada, with overseas territories to follow. On 6.12.20 it was pushed back to 8.27.21…they should’ve stuck to that!

It was announced today (6.17.21) that The Beatles: Get Back “will be released as a three-part documentary series on Disney+ on 11.25, 11.26 and 11.27, with each episode being about two hours in length.”