My initial reaction to Rita Moreno walking back her initial statement of support for Lin-Manuel Miranda and his failure to depict Afro-latino characters in In The Heights was “okay, but what is there to say?

She got pounced on by the wokester wolves for saying “can’t they leave this alone for a while?”, and when a pouncing happens there’s only one response…”oh dear God, I’m so sorry!!! My bad!!!”

Walk-backs of this sort are par for the course. They happen routinely, and they’re a series of rituals that no one believes. The cowards of late say nothing. They’re all afraid of the mob. SNL = total crickets.

The whole thing comes down to one word, as it did, in a sense, during the McCarthy era in the early to mid ’50s. That word is employment.

We’re living through an era of total Orwellian terror.