The Knockturnal’s Farah Idrees reported today that A24’s Uncut Gems pop-up (76 West 47th Street) opened two days ago (Friday, 12.20) and closes today (Sunday, 12.22).

“A two-story establishment, smack dab in the heart of the diamond district…on the ground floor you could buy some jewelry, get your jewelry cleaned, buy the film’s official VINYL, and they even had some mini-furbies on display that’ll be sold online come January. There was an official Uncut Gems x A24 Magazine that was being given out that includes some interesting stories/images,” etc.

This is A24 for you — they’ll spend God knows how many thousands on a diamond district pop-up that will maybe catch the attention of some schmuck tourists, but they won’t spring for a Phase One HE advertorial or straight ad buy for a lousy $5K or $8K.