During her promotional rounds for Supergirl, which premiered last night on CBS, Melissa Benoist has been introduced to audiences as Melissa “Ben-oh-wist,” a yokel mispronouncing of her French name.  Not to be outdone, Melissa pronounces it “Ben-oyst.”  In a hipper, more cultivated realm it would be pronounced “Ben-whah.” Benoist is a close relation of Benoit, a Catholic French male name which means “blessed” in old French. Calling her Melissa “Ben-oh-wist” is roughly analogous to pronouncing Alain Delon‘s last name (pronounced “Deh-lawhn”) so that it rhymes with “felon” or pronouncing Maurice Chevalier‘s last name as “Chevahleer” or Isabelle Huppert (pronounced “Hoohpair’) as Isabelle Hupmobile. How hard is it to say “Ben-whah”? Too hard if you’re from Texas, which is where Benoist, 27, hails from. But it’s not just Southerners — most Americans are total rubes when it comes to respecting foreign pronunications.