I took a six-hour stroll last night — U-Street corridor, Georgetown (including Georgetown University, the gated, two-story brick home in which Chris and Regan McNeil lived during The Exorcist plus the Exorcist steps plus a self-guided tour of Georgetown homes that JFK lived in between ’46 and January ’61), across the bridge into Virginia, down to the Arlington cemetery and back across.

I walked down and back up the Exorcist steps last night. You can’t leap out of Regan McNeil’s second-story bedroom window and onto the steps — way too far.

3307 N Street in Georgetown, where JFK lived from ’57 through January ’61.

What this photo sgests is that Amy Schumer has a somewhat larger head than Hillary Clinton or Kirsten Gillibrand. That or an optical illusion. Almost all big-time actors & celebrities have big heads.