…for saying yesterday that I “like” For Your Eyes Only (‘81), the 12th James Bond film. At 53, Roger Moore (whom I interviewed at Pinewood during filming) sauntered through with aplomb, but costar Carole Bouquet was…what’s the polite way of saying this?…overly poised. And the film, which I’m re-watching this evening, is a lightweight, mostly-played-for-chuckles B movie — silly action scenes, rote scoring, flat cinematography, too many zoom-lens shots, wooden villains, thin or plodding dialogue. Not A-level, not sexy…casual, throw-away stuff. Like a late ‘60s Jean Paul Belmondo film.

Okay, the cliff-climbing scene at the end isn’t bad. especially when the rope-tethered Moore falls and has to use his climbing-boot shoelaces to get out of a tough spot. And costar Topol holds his own. And that closing phone chat between Margaret and Denis Thatcher and a parrot…yup.