Many Brits have been interviewed about their participation last weekend in Spencer Tunick’s naked blue-skinned photo shoot in the northeastern coastal city of Hull. They all said it was exciting, disarming, liberating, etc. Nothing shameful about our bodies, they should be celebrated, etc. I don’t think there’s anything “shameful” either. None of the participants I was able to inspect in various photographs look like they work out much, but that’s fine. (I guess.) Hundreds of Pillsbury doughboy bods, ample bellies, sloping breasts, sagging asses, guys hung like cashews…all dyed blue and teal. I can’t find one guy — not one! — with a bod like Tom Hiddleston‘s. Not complaining, just observing. The only respectful qualifier is whether these bods should be “celebrated.” Accepted, tolerated, nothing to feel ashamed of…okay. But apart from these people being alive and their systems being disease-free and in reasonable working order, what biological aspects warrant celebration? I’m asking.