Brad Pitt is the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood guy who deserves an Oscar nomination. Supporting, of course. Because his Cliff Booth is Mr. Cool and because, unlike Leo, Pitt doesn’t strenuously “act” all over the place. (Plus he doesn’t talk like Clem Kadiddlehopper.) He just is.

Was Pitt 10 to 12 times better in Moneyball? Yeah, but Billy Beane was a better written role. But this is Pitt’s moment…right here, right now. age 55, summer of ’19, prime of his life.

I’m not saying Pitt would necessarily win, but not nominating him would be, in my view, unconscionable. Because he da man.

Paul Schrader suggested this last night, and I agree. Key phrase: “When I mentioned the pantheon I didn’t mean the great actors. I meant the GODS.”